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Voice Dialogue & The Psychology of Selves

Led by Valentina Erika Bassi
With the extraordinary participation of Judith Hendin

Preparatory for

Trauma Training based on the Energies of Selves

~ which is coming soon ~

Voice Dialogue is a powerful, yet simple, method of speaking with the diverse parts, or “selves,” within all of us. Voice Dialogue is used by therapists, psychologists, counselors, health care professionals, and creative artists around the world, as well as individuals on their own consciousness journey.

While there are several ways of working with parts, Voice Dialogue is unique among them, profound as well as fun.

This course will meet twice:


October 14, 15, 16


LIVE near Milan, Italy

and on ZOOM

Friday:     2:00-8:00 PM

Saturday: 11:00 AM-7:00 PM &

                     8:30-10:00 PM

Sunday:   10:00 AM-6:00 PM


November 12 & 13

Saturday & Sunday


Saturday: 2:00-9:00 PM

Sunday:   2:00-9:00 PM

All times are Italy time. All 5 days will have rest breaks and long meal breaks.


LANGUAGE: English. Translation to Italian can be provided.

TRAINING INGREDIENTS: Lectures, demonstrations, practice with partners, movement and drawing explorations

ATMOSPHERE: Serious yet fun

RECORDINGS: Will be available for a few weeks after each class.

LOCATION: Bereguardo, Italy

FOOD: Lunch and dinner will be provided; vegetarian options

ACCOMMODATION: If you will attend live, we will help you find accommodation near the course.

Judith Hendin will join by Zoom for much of the training. 

Valentina Bassi will be be present throughout.


Early Bird, by September 30: €450 

Full Fee, after September 30: €550

Why we created this course

Familiarity with Voice Dialogue is a prerequisite to entering the upcoming Trauma Training based on the Energies of Selves, next spring.

Last year, after the first Trauma Training was announced, several people said they would like to attend, but they didn’t know Voice Dialogue. That is why we are offering this course.

To enter the Trauma Training next year, you will also need to receive 8 individual Voice Dialogue sessions. We will provide an international list of excellent facilitators.

Fees will be determined by each facilitator.

So who is welcome to attend this Voice Dialogue introductory course?

  • Everyone who wants to attend next spring’s Trauma Training based on the Energies of Selves (if you are new to Voice Dialogue)
  • Anyone else – Of course, if you want to attend this Voice Dialogue introduction without planning to enter the Trauma Training, you are welcome.
  • Professionals who want to integrate Voice Dialogue into their current practice. Voice Dialogue is compatible with, and can be integrated into, any other form of inner work. This training is an opportunity for professionals to enrich your therapeutic skills while also deepening your own personal journey.
  • Individuals on their own consciousness journey who want to gain insight through the lens of selves and energies.

In this training, you will experience and learn:

  • Voice Dialogue facilitation
  • The Psychology of Selves – the theory behind Voice Dialogue
  • Primary selves – the parts we identify with, who we think we are
  • Disowned selves – the parts we bury inside, some of our greatest gifts
  • Talk to anything – anything can talk as a self
  • The energies of selves – their vibrant energetic reality
  • The Aware Center (Aware Ego) – a unique consciousness, in the professional, the client, and all of us
  • Personal and impersonal energy – a delicate balance
  • Trauma Work – a taste of the upcoming trauma training next spring
  • ShadowDance – the freedom to be whole and embrace the light and the dark from within

Judith Hendin

Judith Hendin is a Senior Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher who has practiced and taught Voice Dialogue for 33 years, and has served on the staff of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, originators of Voice Dialogue.

Judith Hendin is the author of the book, The Self behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us, which describes the profound connection she discovered between inner selves and healing the body.

She has taught in Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and France, as well as across the US.

Judith Hendin is known for her fine-tuned ability to discern the distinct energies of the many selves, leading to insights and mastery for her clients and students.

Valentina Erika Bassi

Valentina Erika Bassi is a psychologist and director of the TRE Counseling Academy near Milan, Italy. For 15 years, she has been a Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher and has practiced Conscious Body.

She has been collaborating with Judith Hendin for several years and co-organizing the international Trauma Training based on the Energies of Selves: a revolutionary, delicate and powerful method for working on past traumas.

Valentina specializes in development and communication. She is an NLP Trainer, is trained in neo-Erickson hypnosis, and is expert in expressive therapies, Aleph Humanistic Biodynamics, mindfulness and coaching. She has been involved in counseling, training and research for adults and children for over 20 years.

“Voice Dialogue is original and brilliant.”

John Bradshaw, author of Healing the Shame that Binds You

“Judith Hendin’s teaching is excellent! We highly recommend her.”

Hal & Sidra Stone, originators of

Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves

“Judith Hendin’s training was enlightening . . . intimate and safe     . . . inspiring . . . uplifting. . .”

Former training participants

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